My name is Dylan.  I live in Wellington and I love beer.

It all started when I took a trip to Germany after graduating high school.  I’d drunk beer before before in New Zealand and never liked it.  Frankly I hated it.  It was with trepidation then, that I went to a pub in a forest, somewhere in south-west Germany and ordered a beer (I couldn’t legally drink back in NZ so I was making the most of it).  It was amber and tasted caramelly, but mostly what I remember how good it was.  Holy shit, I didn’t know beer could taste like that.  I have no idea what it was, but I will never forget you, random German beer!

Anyway, I came back to New Zealand, came of age and went to uni.  But I never could find beer I liked.  I kinda liked the Mac’s and Monteith’s beers, but otherwise had more or less given up on the whole beer thing.  That was until my second year, when I met Denise and Dave.  We started Malthousing regularly and I joined SOBA.  And all was good and beery.

It was in 2009 that things got serious.  I’d heard of a new beer bar opening and was keen to get in on the action.  The place was called Hashigo Zake and was a game-changer in the Wellington beer scene.  Dave secured a full time job there from the get-go, and I started working there part time in January 2010.  I finished studying and went full time at Hashigo in 2011.  I’m currntly still a Pro-Level Beer-Slinger at Hashigo.

I’d like to make it clear that this blog my own opinion and  in no way represents the views of my employer (or anyone else for that matter).  After all, Dominic is quite capable of speaking for himself.


As of 25/03/13, I have left Hashigo Zake.  I’m now the Manager of Golding’s Free Dive.  As before, my opinions are my own and do not reflect those of my employer.

Other Stuff

I grew up in one of those places that isn’t Wellington.  I moved here to do film and media studies at Vic Uni.  I have a second job as a freelance sound technician in the film and television industry. Mostly I work as a Sound Recordist and Boom Operator and I’ve worked on some fairly major projects.  If you need a young but skilled Soundie, I might just be your guy.

Besides beer my other greatest hobby is cooking.  I’m no chef, but I like making food and eating it.  I’m also into Swing Dancing and random crafty things like stencil art and custom clothing.

And hats.  I really like hats.