Caveat Lector

(Reader beware…)

The thing that I tell you now,

It may not go over well.

Oh, and it may not be photo-op,

the way that I spell it out.

Spoon, The Underdog1

This is a blog and blogs are by definition vehicles of opinion.  You know what they say about opinions: everyone’s got one.  You know, sometimes it seems like an opinion is a very dangerous thing to have.  Indeed sometimes I get the feeling that it’s a crime to suggest any New Zealand beer is anything other than essence of pure rainbows in a glass, regardless of who makes it.

So a warning: this is my opinion.  It’s not gospel. It’s not sent from on high: it’s just what I think.  You don’t need to agree with it.  You don’t need to value it.  But since you are reading my blog, I’m going to assume you want to know what I think.  If you don’t agree but value my opinion, feel free to say so.  I’m open to a little friendly debate.2

Having said that, if you don’t agree, and don’t value my views and infact think I’m a right opinion, then I have only one thing to say to you: why are you here?  Seriously.  Stop reading this blog.  Right now.  Close the browser, walk away from the computer and go do something else.

Still here?  Good.  Now as I said, I’m sharing my opinion and as such I’m not going to water it down.  But I’m also not going to deliberately set out to offend anyone.  If I do I’m sorry.  Apologies in advance.  I swear never to set-out to be hurtful.  After all, no one likes an opinion-hole.

We good?  Awesome.

1. Merge Records, 2007.

2. But please use a name/pseudonym.  When everyone posts as Anonymous it’s hard to keep track of who’s who in which zoo.


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