Green on Grey

Last Monday I had to be somewhere super early.  When I say super early, I mean 8:30 am.  Now I know a lot of you will be snorting into your pints “that’s not early.”  Well bear in mind that when your normal bedtime is 3 am, you have to sleep until 11 just to get your solid 8 hours.

There’s a reason we call you guys Day-Walkers.

Here’s a poem I composed on the bus, sometime around 8:15 am.

Sitting on the bus.
It’s too early for me.
I feel like shit.
It’s too early for everyone.  

The weather is grey.
The people are grey too.
Everyone’s grumpy.
No one smiles.  

Except for one:
A girl with green hair.
Sitting three seats back.
Rocking out with headphones.

She made me smile too.

I know this isn’t isn’t a beer-related post, but what’s the point of having your own piece of internet if you can’t do what you like with it.  Anyway, I’m cooking up an alcoholic post as I speak so look out for that soon.


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