Podcast: Will it Gaff?

With our passion for Shady now well established, Phil and I dig into the history of beer and softdrink blending, and seek an answer to the question nobody asked: Will it Gaff?

Joining us to blend beer with ginger beer is Annika Naschitzki, from Tiamana Brewery. She shares some great insights into German beer-blending traditions.

Will it Gaff can be streamed here, or over on the Beer Diary, or Annika’s blog, The Brewer’s Daughter. To download, click the icon in the top right corner, under the Soundcloud logo or go here.

Our title track is Square Beer by The Coconut Monkeyrocket.

Show Notes:

  • [11:10] – Our bottle of best bitter was infected. Out of public interest, we kept it in the show. Rather than publicly naming and shaming the Brewery, we edited out the their name and had a word with the brewer privately about it.
  • [21:20] – We realised after recording, that at no point do we explain what a Diesel is a 50/50 blend of Lager and Coke, sometimes drunk in Germany.

1 thought on “Podcast: Will it Gaff?

  1. This was a very interesting podcast and well worth the listen.
    Great to see brewers experimenting, be it from Kawakawa leaves to Ginger.

    Who remembers DB producing a range of fruit beers @ 5% ABV??? IMHO their “Peach Lager” was to die for… esp when specialled off at $1 a bottle in the supermarkets, heh heh.

    $6 a six-pack… bring back those daze!

    However… the average NZ beer-punter it seems, wasn’t ready for fruit flavoured beer.

    I mean, down at the rugby club ater-match function and ordering a peach beer???? It could be worse… maybe rose petal beer?

    So… having a burger & beer, a beer with a hint of ginger (Radler) went down very well with her, as did the peach one, which she absolutely loved, but now discontinued by DB.

    Producing specialist beers is a dicey market… best wishes to Annika on this.


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