What I Do When I’m Not Doing This

This bloooog is my main outlet for most the words I stick on the internet. When I’m not writing this though, I’m frequently tapping keys for other publications. For instance, I’ve written a couple of short pieces for the Society of Beer Advocates Magazine: The Pursuit of Hoppiness. I’ve also penned quite a few Golding’s press releases for craftbeercapital.com.

But you know what my favourite publication to write for is? Salient Magazine. Yep that’s right, Victoria University’s Student publication. I’ve been co-writing it with Dave the Beer Guy for a number of years, which means that, owing to the rather irregular publishing schedule, I’ve only actually written a few columns, which can be found here.

Salient can be quite fun to write for. You can take a more relaxed attitude to other publications. on the other hand, you do need to temper your beer-geekery for what you might call an ‘introductory audience,’ or in other words, students, who frequently can’t afford to drink lots of exciting Mikkeller beers or the like.

So far I’ve refrained from crossing my Salient work to my blog, for reasons I can’t quite explain. A while back though, I wrote one that I’m a little proud of, so I thought I’d share it here. My column on extremophilia:


I originally started writing about my own love for extreme beers and the way they seem to be looked down on by a certain section of the beer and brewing community (a subject I would like to return to sometime). However, I found it morphing into another, more positive and ultimately more useful column for this particular medium.

For the record, I actually seriously believe that a tour through the more extreme sections of the Hashigo Zake fridge can often be an effective way to get someone interested in beer. It’s a hell of a lot better than pissing-around in the sub-5% lager category with someone who clearly needs a little rock’n roll to get them excited.

I think I might start cross-referencing my Salient columns to my blog. If only for the sake of extending their audience.

That’s all for now.